Vinyl Cuts – Retro Web Design



This site stands out to me because of how retro it looks. The pixelated style of the homepage, and the glitches of the moving gif gives it a ’60s, ’70s feel to it. The only thing you see on the homepage is,




VinylCuts looks as though it is being projected from the bottom right corner of the page, in faint colors of green, blue, pink, red, and orange. The background of the page has a space-like feel to it, as if we are traveling through a blue sea of dust.

It’s fitting that the homepage looks this way because of the title, VINLYCUTS. When I think of VINYL, I think of record-players, the ’70s, and the theme, retro. There is a clear contrast factor here because the main part of this page that the viewer should see is the word VINYLCUTS because of the style, and font of the word, and the fact that it is sandwiched between the boring little white font of “Your weekly guide to the Hbo series” and “see the issues”.

After clicking on the homepage, I’m lead to a page with rows of images that look like magazine covers, with the title “VINYLCUTS” with headliners such as “The Rock ‘n Roll Queen,” and “No Risk, No Reward.” Each image is numbered, starting with 00, onto 01, 02, until 10. At this point, it’s easy to understand that these are episodes of the first season on HBO of a show called VINYLCUTS. If you click on one of the images, you get an inside preview of the issue and the show, that gives the information on what the episode is about, on set photos, as well as how they recreated the 1970s. By clicking through this site, I have learned more about what the site is about and what it has to offer.

With it’s 1970’s feel and tv-like haze, the site has convinced me to search for more information about this new HBO series. I needed a new show to watch.


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