This website explains the evolution of HTML4 into HTML5, and CSS3. According to the site, HTML5 is an updated version of HTML 4 that is able to lay out content according to the application platform, such as viewing websites from iPhones or Androids. The newest version of HTML is also based on a set of guidelines that all browsers are supposed to follow.

Different from HTML 4, there is an inclusion of <video> and <audio> tags to include on websites now when website designers want to create a unique custom HTML layout. The author also describes HTML5 as not much different from HTML4 because it has a similar layout, except now people who write their own HTML don’t have to do a self-closing tag, which, for example, is <footer/>, and an opening one is </footer>.

When describing the form of HTML, the author starts out by explaining the meaning of the <body> and <div> tags. The <body> tag is placed before the main structure of the content of the page. The <div> tags help to organize sections of the body, and are all labeled differently, such as <div> wrapper and <div> core. The <section> tags contain main content and areas, which use CSS to make them unique and styled to set them apart.

With CSS, there are ways to make the navigation bar and links have certain effects such as hovering, or change in color when the mouse is over it. CSS is more in-depth design that connects to the HTML codes. It is in charge of the height, width, pixels, right, left, properties of the elements in HTML. For example, the author targets <section> elements and labels them #left and #right to assign them to certain areas of the page. Another example of adding cool effects to content on the page, is the example of box-shadow. This element adds a left/right, up/down, shadow blur and color.


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