Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds


I prefer the simple things. Simple colors, sleek design, darks and lights, the usual. This site takes the things I love and develops a beautiful web design. After clicking on the link, a rectangle shows up in the middle of the black background and has waves of color. In the middle of the rectangle is a number counting up to 100, signifying that the web page is loading. After it reaches 100, I see the word “Diamonds” written largely in white, taking up most of the page in graffiti spread across the page horizontally over a gif. The gif is repeating of a silhouette in a black hoodie standing in the rain of what looks like a street with lights in the background. The rain drops run through the “Diamonds,” and looks three dimensional.

Bordering this gif is about 1 inch of black on the top and bottom, and on the top, in the center, is the word “converse” in white, and below in red in the same font as “Diamonds” are the words “Keith Ape”. Under those two words in tiny writing is “present.” This gives me the impression that they are presenting a new brand or showcasing something unique in a way as if it is a new movie or television show. On the footer of the page is written in the same font as “Diamonds” but smaller and in red, “Start Film”. The dark colors in the gif and the borders of the page give the feeling of the film as mysterious and foreboding.

After clicking “Start Film”, the words melt away as if from the rain, and music starts with a male voice singing, “Diamonds”. The film is made in the perspective of the viewer of the page, as if they are experiencing what is happening firsthand.

The video consists of raindrops, neon lights, colors, lights, cars driving by, and lighting affects that make the video seem like it is pausing and starting, in a “trippy” way. The video gives the site a different feel, like the story behind owning a pair of converse. This can be seen as an effective and engaging way to sell converse because of the music and colors. The music is similar to a rap song, targeting a specific audience of a younger crowd, similar to who converses’ main consumer crowd is.


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