Corporate Website Design


25 Beautiful Corporate Websites

This site states that designing websites for a company or business not only involves a clever way to brand the site, but also an effective way to bring people back to the site. This type of site is called a corporate website. Since all websites have a different purpose, this one is more formal, and is built to inform people on the business’s products and services.

An example of a corporate business that succeeds in web design is

When you think of architecture, what do you think of? Buildings, offices, lights, shapes and geometry, right? You immediately get the purpose and feel for the company as you enter the site. The site has a photo stream of different buildings and homes, with each image unique as the last. The shapes of the architecture lead the viewer around the page, which keeps them entertained and engaged with the site. Each image also has a different amount of colors, lights, shapes and shadows, giving a feel for the area that the pieces are in. The navigation bar remains at the top of the page as the photos stream, with only 4 top nodes, FIRM, NEWS, PROJECTS, CONTACT (in all caps). You can tell the main idea the web designer wanted to give was to have the focus and emphasis on the images and the projects done by the firm. The colors of the images on the page are the only colors presented besides the black outline of the footer and the navigation bar above. This makes the page seem as though the only content are the photos, which, for me, is a selling point to hire the firm right off the bat.

As you put your mouse over the navigation bar on each topnode, another layer of the navigation bar lowers down. For example, when I put my mouse of the dim-lit word, FIRM, there are seven categories that go under it, such as COMMITMENT, TEAM, PARTNERS, SERVICES, etc. Because this area is consistent with color and capitalization, the site is given a sleek, simple, classic feel. After clicking on commitment, the homepage zooms out, slides to the left, and the commitment page is seen, where it then zooms in and fills out the page. This affect gives the site more character and creativity, which stands out among the crowd of others. The commitment page has a blurb of text on the left side of the page, with the navigation and footer still surrounding the site. On the right side there are images to click through, with the featured image of a white construction helmet with their “a” logo written in white in a small blue square on it. This reminds the viewer of the company name, arte-charpentier architects. The image leads the viewer to focus on the helmet because of the rule-of-thirds. The only colors in the image are the white, blue, and yellow of the blueprints on the table where the helmet rests.

I could go on and on about how this page is so well-designed. There are so many different aspects that the designer kept in mind in terms of contrast, color, the “F” pattern, and usability.


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