Content Strategy


According to, content strategy helps web designers understand how to create content that contributes to the overall meaning of the site as well as helps to identify the goal of the site. This means that content focuses on successfully executing the main idea based on the intended audience(s), voice and tone. This then leads to the web designer to design, organize and prioritize content based on the audiences, and the voice as well as tone they want to display.

It is important to consider the company/organization/business’ goals and the user’s needs when developing the site. This is when beta-testing or user research is used to help improve the site according to their needs. Another aspect of usability that should be kept in mind while designing a website is the use of language. Make sure that the site is in easily understood for all types of audiences. Remember that not everyone knows specific jargon that a company may understand.

As I have mentioned from research in previous blog posts, it is also important to make sure you don’t include unnecessary content that may confuse the viewer or user, this could cause cognitive overload and frustration. By remaining factual and sticking with the purpose of the site, you can succeed in successful web design in terms of usability.

Another way to make sure that your site follows usability guidelines is if you remain consistent. By following the repetition rule of web design, a user will find it much easier to navigate the page and find where they need to go because of the consistency with the buttons, colors, links, fonts, as well as the logo. As long as the theme and content remains consistent and relatively simple, a user should not have difficulty finding what they need on your site.


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