Ed Stafford – Nature Man


After learning about HTML5 and CSS styling and skills, this website comes across as a gold medal in the world of web design. Upon arrival, the first thing I see is the image of the man, who I presume is Ed Stafford, in the greenest green of the woods. By the look on his face, his attire, and the blending colors of the fire, it is easy to get the message that his website is about nature, travel, and survival. The title has a gif effect and dissolves in, bolded, in caps and with what appears as scratches, is “Fire, Water, Food, Shelter.” This pops up with a shadow beneath it, giving it depth and dimension as it pops off of the page with a turquoise neon,  and the image of Ed. In the top left corner is Ed’s logo, “ED,” which is bolded in white, standing out from the forresty background photo. The only colors on the page are that of the background photo and then colors of white and turquoise. This is beautiful web design not only because the colors contrast so well, but because they lead the viewer to the most important parts of the homepage.

As you scroll down on the homepage, Ed appears again, but in a different image. The image behind Ed is a stand still photo of sandy dunes and trees, but what the viewer sees more of is Ed’s photo up against the blue sky. Upon scrolling down, Ed’s body moves up with the title slightly, so the first thing we see is Ed looking off the page, somewhere we can’t see. This time, the turquoise title starts behind Ed, and continues off to the right, towards where his sight is. Another component of web design, this shows repetition in terms of the photos of Ed, the color theme, as well as the setting of the image. This gives the visitor a sense of consistency because it is clear now that the website’s purpose is to show Ed’s story of travel and nature.


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