When you think of Starbucks, what do you think of? Coffee? Basic coffee? Home? It seems to me that they are appealing to pathos on their site with all the people they have smiling back at me. I don’t know about you, but when I think of Starbucks I think of the color green, and mermaids. I’m surprised by their site because there is a lot more up then I expected there to be. There is a layer of green on the top of the page, with the logo beneath it in the top right corner. I love the green font over the white background, and the font they chose looks like the letters are spread out but they are also in all caps. For some reason this represents coffee to me. The greens, greys, blacks and whites give it a sultry feel, like a cafe. The people in the images are on the left and right side of the featured image, but dead center is a title for a new series that Starbucks is introducing (what? not coffee? a show? what is this?). Back to the people, they are in black and white, and of different ethnicities, ages, and size. Obviously, anybody and everybody loves coffee, no matter who they are.

I think my favorite part of this page is the fonts. I like the size because it fits the page, the font is not too big, the same size as the logo which is also fairly smaller than I thought it’d be, and I love how the words on the page are in capital letters. It seems nothing less than perfect that the word coffee should be “COFFEE.” Because that’s how you feel when you drink it, right?


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