Android vs. Apple



Because I did Nike vs. Android, I thought I’d continue the streak with Android vs. Apple. I wanted to see how different the sites were because they are technically both competing companies, even though we all know that Apple is in the lead.

As always, the first thing I notice is the color of each page. Apple, true to it’s classy sleek style, keeps the page in black and white, and the only colors that appear are the colors in the iPhone images on the homepage. There is a slideshow of images on the homepage with iPhones, the iPad pro, the Apple watch, the Macbook, and finally the Apple tv. Each image has the objects dead center, with more than one of each. The images of the iPhones are in different colors, 3 are facing down, and one is faced up in the back. Apple made these iPhones appear three dimensional, which is essential because it gives the phones texture and makes them appear touchable and clean. My eyes go left to right because the left iPhone is gold, then pink, then silver, and the one in the back row, by itself is black and faced up. I just think it’s so crazy that they put so much thought into how the viewer should feel when they see the iPhones!!!! It makes sense that this is the first image in the set of 5 because everyone primarily uses iPhones for a cellphone rather than use macbooks, ipads and the Apple watch. It seems to me that they should have put the Apple tv in the set first because they are already in the lead with phones, so why wouldn’t they want to encourage a different product instead?

Thinking of the same aspects for Android, I remember that Android’s logo is a little green robot, which explains the green “android” in the top left corner. Besides that color, the only other color on the page is in the images, similar to Apple. This homepage is much larger and longer and way more interactive than Apples, because the images don’t appear further down unless you scroll down because they bounce up and out at you when you continue. Android’s site has clever captions above the products rather than Apple, who names what the product is above it in bold font. This site has the images of the products larger as well, matching the size of the font of phrases like, “Be Together. Not the Same.” and “Picture No Limits.” These play on words contribute to pathos, which makes Android seem more comforting and relatable than Apple. This website is also very clean and has more interactive options rather than Apple does, for instance there are way more images up against the white background, and my eyes are always taken from the left to the right. I give Android a better score than Apple because there is much more to look at and learn on the homepage, when Apple just displays five images and expects the viewer to move on.

In terms of inspiration, Apple seems easier to navigate and better to look at because it doesn’t confuse me and makes me feel at ease and ready to explore. However, Android has too much movement going on and the images and font is too big, it overwhelms me.


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