The buzz

I love buzzfeed, primarily because I use it on my phone. Rarely do I ever go to the website on my computer, and I’m glad I never have until now.

The contrast is downright terrible. I don’t know what to look at once I scroll down because of all the craziness of colors. There are blues, reds, yellows, blacks, it’s chaos. I understand that their intended audience is my generation, and it’s meant to read like a magazine, but the color theme is undesirable. Next to the top right, where the logo “Buzzfeed” is placed perfectly, is the navigation pane with the tabs for news, videos, quizzes, tasty (whatever that is), DIY, and more. The website has sort of a newsy feel, with headliners listed in bold, black colors and the images associated with the headliners are a small square next to it. But, this makes the site look messy and difficult to read. From the top, the site is in three columns, and after scrolling down, the three columns get smaller in font size.

The left column repeats all the way down, with an image on the left and the headliner on the right, whereas the middle column has the image bigger than the headliner, and the image appears above the headliner instead of next to it. Why did they do this? To make it easier to read? To provide for an asymmetrical view layout? What’s the importance of having all the columns appear differently? The third column on the homepage has only images and no text with things that are “Trending”.

Because this website is supposed to be more informative than pretty or creative, I guess I’d give this website a B-. But because the colors are so awful and the contrast is ugly, the website does not deserve an A.


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