Above the Influence

When I was younger, I loved this media campaign to encourage kids at a crucial time in their life to stay drug and alcohol free. To this day, I firmly believe in their message that it is important to stay above the influence. Their website is very interactive. They use many colors and have their main logo at the top right in black and white. The rest of the page uses white against yellow, blue, purple, etc. Scrolling down on the main page, there are so many things to look at, whether it be attracting my attention to their blog or a photo stream of quotes from Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook.

The website is a tiny bit distracting because of how many colors and options there are to look at. If it were my website, I’d make it more organized in terms of color and stick with a theme. For instance, I would make sure if I mentioned the blog, I’d use the color blue, and if I mention social media, I would use the color purple. This way it is not only organized by color, but it is easier to look at. AbovetheInfluence.com uses way too many different fonts as well, with different fonts there is different spaces between letters, which makes it difficult to follow. However, I do love their use of images and photo streams. It’s much more attractive when a website uses images rather than just words.

I think an important aspect of this site is the balance of the content on the home page. The top “fold” is horizontal, symmetrical to the navigation bar. As the viewer scrolls down, the website turns into a grid layout, with blocks of quotes in gray, violet, and yellow. Below the three blocks are two bigger blocks of images making two columns. These are evenly spaced out to provide balance on the page, and include content on social media sites and ads on Youtube for the campaign.

A big takeaway that I would implement in my blog is the use of columns and rows. I think this makes the website pleasing to the eye with the images and text spaced out. However, I do think the website could be a little more interactive and creative by adding elements from the truth campaign website. This would mean filling out the page more as well as adding more contrasting colors.



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