After looking up website design trends of 2016, there were examples of websites that primarily contained images and personal branding. However, what caught my eye was the use of videos in backgrounds on websites. I love this idea because it gives the website this sense that it is coming alive. The website above is an example of this, with the use of a reoccurring video that looks like it is never-ending because of the floating specks of dust that twinkle in the sun of the stand still image.

I think this is a brilliant example because of the brightness of the sun in the image, making it almost believable that the moving parts of the video are real. I would love to learn how to make my website so the viewer can continue to scroll through the content while the video stays in place. There is a strong use of focal point here, where the viewer has their eyes led dead center and to the light at the top of the page. The image is also out of focus, leading the viewer back to focus on the text, also dead center of the page.

Something else I notice here is the use of theme, or repetition and consistency with colors. There are earthy, organic colors of browns, yellows, greens, and golden hues not only in the image but in the text as well. Because this website is an ad for a book, there is no need for a navigation bar or a contact page. Everything the viewer needs to know is right on the page.


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