I’m a little confused here because I was expecting a bit more from this page. I imagined it would have great contrast and alignment, but the page is boring. I understand that there is not much for there to be up on the website, but in my head there was going to be more images on the main home page and maybe even a navigation page at the top. However, the navigation bar is at the foot, unlike most pages, and the page continues to move under it as you scroll through the page.

The header image, or images, contains a stream of photos. This part of the page is interactive because the viewer of the page must put their cursor over the photo stream to see the caption or blurb on the current image, which pops up from the bottom. Then, on the right side a small column pops out with images aligned from top to bottom. Why did MoMA think that this would be interesting to have? I strongly dislike the way they organized the website in terms of navigation. On top of that, the contrast is boring with a white background, and black font. “Buy Tickets” is on the top right of the home page, highlighted in red and written in white, but the font is very small. I would imagine the website should have “Buy Tickets” in the center of the page or below the craziness of the photo stream mess.

Once I do get to the navigation panel at the bottom, there are six tabs. However, on each of these there are lists and lists of different places to go to, such as planning your visit to other stores, museums, dining, and other areas under the “visit” tab. These could have been more organized or even laid out on the home page in a simpler, cleaner way.

Another thing that irritates me about this page is that the logo doesn’t catch my eye until I scroll down the page. The logo, “MoMA” is attached to the navigation footer instead of at the top of the page, where most logos reside.


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