Similar to the campaign AbovetheInfluence, I am a true believer in campaigns that work to end tobacco use. This is an anti-smoking campaign that uses clever rhetoric to encourage our generation to be the one to bring tobacco smoking to an end. They use shirts, ads, youtube videos and social media to reach out to a younger audience. With this in mind, the website has to grab viewers’ attention and keep their attention. I absolutely love this website because of the use of bold fonts and the contrast of colors. The campaign has the background as black, with neon or white letters written across the screen. On the About page, the image appears in orange and black, staying true to their color theme of orange, black and white.

As you scroll down, the background image changes to a faded black image with paragraphs written in black but highlighted with the colors pink, blue, and green. This is pleasing to my eye and carries me through to the bottom of the page, where there is an interactive infographic that shows statistics on cigarette smoking. The website uses moving images and special effects to create an interesting website that people can enjoy and become informed. Towards the end, the mood changes, because now the bold font is only in orange, and the paragraph font is in white, as it discusses the serious implications of smoking. I would love to mirror this style of whites and blacks and bold fonts. I also enjoy how the background image changes behind the content, as if the header image slides above the second image of the page.

On the home page, there is a headliner video that is at the fold of the website. After scrolling down, the website provides more videos in the format of a grid layout. My favorite part about this is the size of the “play” button, and how each video’s play button is in a different color.

Overall, this website has a blog feel because of the amount of colors used up against black and the amount of images used. Because of how interactive the site is with the intended audience, I can definitely say that I will be staying on this website for a while. I want to mirror their layout and their contrast because of how inviting it is.


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